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As a condition of licensing for a hackney carriage/private hire driver licence there is no a requirement to sign up to the DBS Update Service.

If you already subscribe the ‘DBS Update Service’ then you do not need to do anything else.

If you are due a DBS check then you will still need to use the third-party company GBG to carry out the check which will involve going to the post office.

This will cost £55. Please note that this is actually a discounted rate for a DBS check via a third-party where other council use different agents at a higher cost.

As soon as you receive your certificate you will need to use the ‘DBS Update Service’ within four weeks because the only way to sign up is to have the reference number of that recently issued DBS certificate

This will cost you £13 per year.

So even though you would have paid the £55 you will need to pay the £13 to get onto the system.

Non- Licensed Drivers but named on the licence

All persons named on the vehicle licence but not licensed as driver are now having to undergo a basic DBS check and will now be included in the six monthly check as and when it is implemented. This means if your wife.. son... daughter etc is named on the licence then they will have to undergo a basic annual DBS check. Instructions on the procedure will be added shortly.

Follow the instructions as below on the DBS Updating Service website

For all licensed B&H drivers & proprietors & special guests registered as member on trade facebook group