Alfie loves taxis & the good people from the charity 'Forward Facing'  (website) that helps children with long term illnesses contacted Paul at Streamline earlier this year asking if Alfie could be sent some 'Hello' messages from taxi drivers as well as showing their taxis.

As a member of Streamline Paul  then contacted me and I was delighted to help out & organise this and the resulting video can be seen further down along with Alfie's reply to us.

And now it's nearly Christmas so I thought it would be great for Alfie if we did a Christmas message for him.

This can be a nice simple "Hello Alfie... my name is 'X'  and ny car number is 'X' and I work on  'Compnay name' and would like to wish you and your mum a very happy Christmas"

Or something's up to you.
A message for Alfie
How to send me your video.

You can send via Dropbox by tapping on copying this link....

....and then add the video file and send.

You you can updoad to my Whatsapp account by searching under my phone number: 07903 844 378.

If the video is not too big (about 10/15mb then you may be able to email me directly depending on your own email restrictions.

If you have any problem then give me a call or email me:

Five minutes of your  time will be well spent to make Alfie's day...

I will also be putting these details on our Trade Facebook Group

Brighton & Hove Taxi Trade News (Closed to public so you need to apply to join to view the group... but you must answer the questions to validate genuine trade members)
This can be sitting in the cab or outside of it... and maybe a little bit of tinsil or something Chrismassy but if not then that's fine

At the end can you say "We love you Alfie!" but leave a second or so pause before you say it for editing reasons.

One very important point is that it must be done in Landscape mode... being the camera turned sidways and not in Portraite mode other it can't be used.

Please do this asap but by Decemeber 20 at the very latest otherwise I wont have time to produce this.
For all licensed B&H drivers & proprietors & special guests registered as member on trade facebook group